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Mary Jefferson

Elder Mary

is a true prophet of God who has traveled near and far to set God’s people free, and to destroy the stronghold of the enemy through Teaching, Preaching, Deliverance, and Ministering the Word of God. (Isaiah 61:1-2; Luke 4:18-19)


Elder Mary Jefferson

About Elder Mary

Elder Mary is known for ministering the Word of God in such a way that it will touch and change your life forever. Elder Mary has been married for 38 plus years to her boyfriend, Andrew. They have five wonderful children: Andrew (Handsome son), Kristin (Lovely daughter-in-law), Stacy (Beautiful daughter), Alex (Handsome son), and McKale (Lovely daughter-in-law).  One amazing lovely granddaughter (Ava).  Three very special sons – Chaz, Petre, and EJ. She travels with her faithful Armor Bearers – Dr. Stacy Jefferson, Minister Wendi Ashford, Sis. Nichele Parker, and Deacon LaKeesha Smith. Elder Mary is a faithful servant at Judah International Ministries. She humbly submits herself to her leadership – Senior Overseers, Archbishop Mark & Elder Lady Donna DuBois, and her Pastors – Apostle Eric & Teacher Rebecca Newble.

For over 35 years, Elder Mary has ministered to Married Couples, Singles, Children’s Ministries, Youth Ministries, Young Adults, Women, and Men. Elder Mary is known for the prophetic and deliverance anointing she firmly walks in. Elder Mary has also traveled to speak to groups as a Motivational speaker.

If you are looking for a Power-packed dynamic speaker that will set your house on fire, don’t hesitate to contact Elder Mary at

Her boldness, her compassion for God’s people and her ability to hear accurately from God will change people’s lives forever.

As stated in Ecc 3:1-2; there is a season and a time for every purpose.  God has so designed every person and thing for a particular purpose(s) in life.  As we seek to find our purpose(s) in life, we will take a multitude of journeys to get there.  Our journeys are sometimes self-inflicted because of the choices we have made or sometimes superimposed because of choices that others have made, and other times just divinely ordered by the Lord.  Our journeys can be classified as; some good, some bad, some happy, some sad, some long, and some short.  Nevertheless, we all have them.  One thing for sure in the midst of every journey, God is Able!  So as we continue to travel on our journeys, day in and day out, always remember that each journey has a time expiration that cannot be ignored.

Especially during our journeys, where we find ourselves in the midst of a storm, earthquake, trials, or tribulations, we need to celebrate in the midst because as sure as the journey had a beginning, it will have an ending.  Don’t lose hope, but be encouraged that trouble won’t last always.  Get excited that you will not be in the valley forever.  Rejoice that your situation is only temporary, unlike your life with your Heavenly King which is eternal forever more.

We invite you to put on your royal apparel and stand in the most inner court of the King’s House – the Holy of Holies.  As God extends to you the Golden Sceptre, and finds favor with you, ask the King your Heavenly Father being assured that he Cares for you.  Esther 5:1-3.   God Bless You!!!

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