Elder Mary H Jefferson

Founder and Visionary of Extended Sceptre Ministries.

Elder Mary H Jefferson is the Founder and Visionary of Extended Sceptre Ministries. Mary has been married to Bro Andrew Jefferson for 41 years. We have a family of 3 children, 2 daughters-in-law, and 2 outstanding and loving grandchildren.

Elder Mary has a “True” love for people (family, friends, and strangers). She believes in encouraging, ministering, and speaking life into individuals, helping them realize their self-worth, and encouraging perseverance to never give up. She is known to others as Ma, Gammie, Auntie, Queen Mother, Lucille, Elder Mother Mary, and Governor/Mayor.

Elder Mary is known as the no-nonsense preacher. She believes in standing flat-footed to the devil in the realm of Deliverance for the people.

Elder Mary currently serves under the leadership of Bishop Mark DuBois in the house of Judah International Ministries.

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