Stacy Jefferson MD

Executive Leadership

Stacy Jefferson, MD has been practicing family medicine for 6 years in St. Louis, Missouri. She has traveled the world to complete her education leading to her current career field.

Stacy has the desire to serve the underserved and underrepresented communities in health care and the community at large. She has cultivated a love for the outdoors and reconnecting with nature as well as an innate love for sports.  She is in ministry leadership at her local church, LOVE church in Belleville, IL, and executive leadership with Eve’s Destiny in Alton, IL. She has been an armor bearer for Elder Momma Mary since she was called to ministry. Stacy walks in step with our leader to maintain the vision and outreach of Extended Sceptre Ministries.  She is a devoted Auntie, Sister, and Daughter. She can be found quiet with a smile but strike up the conversation regarding paper crafting, especially scrapbooking, and hope you have a cup of tea for an interesting discussion.
Stacy Jefferson

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